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Winternet is coming

pretty sure i’ve rebageled this 20 times already but it’s just so good

Did you just say rebagled?

this is actually one of my favorite things 


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If alcohol labels told the truth.

Fireball is for sure true

Oh fireball.


As promised! Process and a 90% detail shot of I am Because You Are!

I’m trying to put together a tutorial but my way of drawing is so disorganized that it’s really hard to compile it…

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This is hands down the best parody twitter ever

It’s true about the Post-it notes. I know this from my own personal  experience.

More interesting than the actual books


Scandinavian Folklore  She goes by many names, the most popular being Huldra, Skogsrå or The Lady of the Forest. Her name derives from a root meaning “covered” or “secret”. The huldra is a stunningly beautiful, sometimes naked woman with long hair; though from behind she is hollow like an old tree trunk, and has an animal’s tail. She is the watcher of the forest and all of its creatures, and will not be kind to those who are cruel to her subjects.

Tales of huldra tell of her using her beautiful appearance and seductive charm to lure young men back to her cave, or subterranean home, where they may be kept a slaves, lovers, or worse - depending on the tale. Sometimes the humans are released, but are cursed with the constant temptation to return to their captor. Other tales describe them getting married to humans, losing their tails, and becoming human themselves - but retaining their magic.

Some huldra are inherently deceptive, and evil, but many respond to the treatment they receive. If treated kindly, they have been known to use their magic to help humans, and solve their problems. If treated unkindly, they can be hateful, and vengeful.

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