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that is an excellent question

(also thank you so much!  you’re such a sweetheart ububu)

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Lancelot’s haircut was interrupted by a downpour so now he’s Lancelion, the Glorious.

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Binding/Banishing Using your porcelain throne :D (I had a ridiculous amount of fun doing this!) What you’ll need is: toilet, toilet paper, and a black pen/marker. First draw a person/puppet on toilet paper. Then write your spell of binding/banishing on another strip of toilet paper. Then wrap your puppet in the spell strip. Then wrap that in another strip of plain paper. Once you have it wrapped to your preference, you can draw protective/binding/banishing symbols on the outside (or any symbols you wish to put there). Take that to your toilet. Say the spell you wrote down on your spell strip. Toss that sucker and flush it!

And YEA!! for strategically placing stuff to cover names and dates!

This is beyond creative! How useful this will be:)


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Thanks, Obama!

This is my favorite post of all time

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whats up w/ grown men who look at all the evils of the modern world and go “the real enemy is teenage girls, with their duckface and their smartphones and their selfies and their boy bands. they are destroying culture”

I’ve never met any grown men who have said this. Way to invent a boogieman out of your own prejudiced thoughts.


credited to Jon Friedman and Joel Stein, two grown men


chris o’shea is also a grown man


this thread on The Escapist’s forums is full of grown men complaining about teenage girls doing duck face


i’m willing to admit some of the people in this thread on Social Anxiety Support Forums may just be nasty little boys, but several are grown men

this took me two minutes. go away

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